Installing Single & Double door sets plus intercoms for Lincoln’s County Council

Lincoln Security were requested by the City Of Lincoln Council’s housing directorate to renew communal doors to various housing flat blocks located within the City. These works were focused on doors in three large estates within the City that were suffering problems with anti-social behaviour where the existing timber doors that opened inwards were getting vandalised and unauthorised access was gained to communal areas.
During 2014 the City of Lincoln Council appointed Lincoln Security to carry out a high profile door project within the Hermit Street area of the city, of which Lincoln Security were delighted to undertake. This was a part of a larger project of the Council’s to improve the neighbourhood and reduce acts of anti-social behaviour in the area. Consultation was undertaken with tenants, focus groups, leaseholders, housing officers, neighbourhood teams and the police. The door works carried out by Lincoln Security consisted of replacing all existing communal timber entrance doors with new steel faced doors and additional side panels that offered improved security for tenants.
This work was immediately put into a priority programme due to the urgency of the project and in total 37 communal doors were installed by the engineers across 3 phases and additionally 2 door fob automated systems were installed to improve access for disabled tenants.
Lincoln Security have carried out the maintenance, servicing and installation of door entry systems for the City of Lincoln Council for several years. The City of Lincoln Council have made significant investment in door entry systems for tenants across the City and during the last couple of years Lincoln Security has installed around 50 door systems to a high quality standard within the Council’s housing stock.

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