Working with Lincolnshire Credit Union

Lincoln Security were invited to quote Lincolnshire Credit Union a price to remove a very large fire filing cabinet, which was a 395kg Chubb cabinet! This was to remove the cabinet from their old premises on Henley Street, to their new premises at Lincoln City’s Town Hall, Beaumont Fee.
Previously Lincolnshire Credit Union had asked a few other companies to provide them with a price to transfer the cabinet however no one was willing to move it, especially with the external spiral stair case as it was too dangerous to manoeuvre the filing cabinet down. Companies stated that the lift was impossible.
At one point, Lincolnshire Credit Union were thinking that they may need to dispose the filing cabinet by grinding it to pieces.
Lincoln Security accepted the challenged and moved the safe down a flight of internal stairs strategically. Using specialist equipment to relocate the 395kg Chubb filing cabinet to the roof top.
Lincoln Security were working in conjunction with a crane lift company who then provided an air lift over the apex of the first building, then onto the roof of the old credit union building. Once the crane had securely attached the cabinet, it was then hoisted into the air with two men assisting the driver.
Once the filing cabinet was safely lowered to the ground, Lincoln Security were then able to attach the safe to their special lifting equipment and roll the cabinet into their large vehicle to then transport to Beaumont fee.
Now that the Chubb cabinet had arrived safely at Beaumont Fee, the engineers from Lincoln Security were then able to carefully roll the cabinet into the lift and take it up to the correct level that Lincolnshire Credit Union was based. The fire filing cabinet was then wheeled into the office into the desired location.