Introducing Accountability


Introducing Accountability


It’s easy to mistake security as just being a way to limit access for the protection of property, goods or people. But is that still the case?

Of course those points will always be important central themes for security, yet with advances in technology a new criterion is starting to blossom more so than ever before – accountability.
Advances in this area allow for control of access & responsibility to be assigned based on the user, location, time and date. This means you have complete control over who has access to areas of your business based on when and where.
Currently in the market we’re seeing two different varieties of products that are introducing accountability in security for businesses in two very different ways:

Key Management Cabinets

Does your organisation use a variety of different key sets with multiple employees needing access to them?
In that case, you will know that key management has always been a tricky thing to manage. Having your staff record activity in log books leads to the inevitability of deciphering signatures to locate who has the current possession of keys. Or maybe you see the complete break-down of the process during busy times with keys just being taken and going astray.
Key Management Cabinets, such as Traka Cabinets, are a wonderful way to introduce accountability without the hassle of logbooks, processes & failings that come with them. The solution is simple; your employees only need to sign into the system using their unique ID (which can be anything from a PIN number, a ID cards or even their fingerprint) and then remove the key they required. You can say goodbye to that log book because the cabinets themselves are able to keep a track of who has the keys at that current time and run any necessary reports. Could it get any better than that?
Well… yes in fact, it can! With key cabinets you’re also able to dictate which keys each user has access to. So, for example, the company car keys can now only be accessed by those that are permitted to use it.
A range of cabinets exist now on the market, from quick plug-in systems for small organisations (such as the Traka21) to fully networked & remotely monitored for multi-site organisations.

Electronic Keys

Electronic Keys take the advantages of Key Management Cabinets to the next level. Instead of having multiple keys in an organisation, why not just have one key per user that you can grant their necessary access permissions & restrictions too?
The great thing about Electronic Keys is that, despite having the word electronic in the name, no wiring is required! Locks can be easily retrofitted for a large range of products and the power needed to open them comes directly from the key.
Further advantages allow for lost keys to be ‘Blacklisted’ on locks to prevent access, with eliminates the need for replacing the lock. Permission for locks can also be granted based on time & date, meaning that sites can only be accessed as pre-determined times. Working alongside the mobile apps for the keys, electronic keys also introduce the possibility for granting real-time access to remote sites.
Ultimately the level of control & accountability that can be provided by electronic keys is as far as your imagination takes you. For example, do you want to only let the Finance Team have access to the Archive Room? Then programme their keys so only they are permitted access. But maybe you don’t want them working past 5pm? That’s fine – just set-up their key to refuse access after that time.

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