How to beat the burglar


There are many ways to beat the burglar from entering your home...

The most obvious thing to do is lock your windows and doors!
You would think this is straight forward... however 23% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window. No matter how safe you think your neighbourhood might be, always lock your doors and windows even when you are in your home.
If you’re going to be away for a few days, don’t announce it! With all of the social media networks that exist, people like to share where they’re going, when they’re going, and how long for. Some burglars have profiles where they can connect, become friends, and follow you depending on what social media site you’re using, which will allow them to see your posts and updates.
Did you know 55% of burglaries happen at night in the UK? To keep burglars away, install security lighting around the outside of your home. Outdoor lights are a good deterrent for burglars. You can buy lights that have a timer on them too - no one will know you were away! Most of the time lighting around your home will scare off the burglar, however you will also need to have good door locks and security systems installed for the burglar to leave and go away empty handed.
Make sure your home is protected with strong anti-snap locks. Lock Snapping is very common in the UK. Most door locks can be ‘bumped’ or ‘snapped’ such as Rim, Euro and Oval profile cylinders found on UPVC doors. We are proud to be the only firm in Lincoln that offers the ABS Snap Secure Lock which is police approved and stops a burglar from breaking the door lock to gain access, leaving them empty handed!
Research indicates that intruder alarm systems acts as one of the most influential deterrents to potential burglars. Do you have yours? Not only do they make the burglar aware that your home is protected, but they also make you aware that there is an intruder in your home, therefore you are able to protect yourself. A shocking 34% of households with an alarm fitted rarely activate it! If you have an alarm system installed remember to set it otherwise it is useless to you and your property.

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