The Importance of a Safe


Do you have a safe at home or business to store your most valuable belongings in? If not, have you thought about getting one?
On average, only 13% of burglaries are cleared by police, and recovering the victim’s property is even less likely to happen.
With the average cost of a burglary rising 40% over the last three years, safes are valuable and worth the money if it means keeping your important belongings secure.
There are a wide range of safes available including reconditioned safes, deposit safes, underfloor safes, wall safes, fire rated safes, data safes and insurance rated safes!
Generally fire rated safes keep contents secure for 30 minutes at 750 degrees heat - long enough for a fire engine to arrive!
Lincoln Security Ltd can provide insurance rated safes from £4,000 up to £100,000. The insurance rating is x10 for vaulables, for example our mini vault 1 safes have an insurance rating of £4,000 in cash, which would give you a rating of £40,000 for vaulables including watches, jewelry etc.
When locking your safe, you can choose whether you would like a key, combination, or electronic keypad safe which requires a PIN code to be unlocked.
Not only do our team provide a wide variety of safes to suit your needs, but we also offer a full repair, opening, maintenance and fitting service.
As we are members of the Master Locksmith Association, which means all our engineers are fully qualified and VBS checked too!
It is important to always contact your insurers after purchasing an insurance rated safe.

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