Security tips for Students


Students are one of the highest at-risk groups of crime in the country. With student housing having multiple high value items such as laptops, TV’s and entertainment equipment in a single property, it is obvious to see why this is the case.
So we thought we would list our tips which are designed to help you protect your property and belongings.

 Does it Lock?

Check all the locks in your new home; front door, back door, bedroom door and windows. Do they all lock securely? Are they fitted well? If not, then contact your landlord immediately to get it fixed. A secure lock will not only act as a deterrent, but will also help impede anyone attempting to get in. For higher security, you might want to check if the lock is an Anti-Snap ABS lock.

 Use it

It’s easy to check you’ve got a lock, but you have to remember to actually use it. Student properties are predominately targets for ‘walk-in’ crimes. This is where a criminal will simply walk into the property through unlocked doors and windows, take a high value portable item such as a laptop, and walk out. So remember to always lock doors and windows whenever you go out – even to the local shop.

 Insure it

Some home insurance policies will also cover student contents so you need not set up your own cover. Check with your parents to see if their cover will cover you should to worse happen.

 Mark it

It’s useful to make a list of all your items along with any serial numbers to keep in a safe place. This can be useful should you be a victim to show the insurance company. You can also mark all your property with an ultra-violet pen with your name and contact details. This can help police identify stolen goods and return it to the rightful owner.

 Take it

If you plan on going back home for a while, remember to take all your high-value & important items with you. The burden of carrying your laptop back home with you is a lot easier than having to re-write your assignments!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!