Staying Safe on Social Media


According to ADT a shocking 78% of burglars use social media platforms to find their targets. 

Don’t become a statistic.

Each day there are millions of people posting on social media about their whereabouts. Most people don’t think or don’t know who can access the information they share with the world.
Depending on what you post on your social media accounts, whether it being Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, burglars can find out vital information such as where you live, who you live with, when you’re likely to be out of the property, and what items you have.
With the use of Google Street View, a “follower” or “friend” on social media can find out where you live and plan the burglary to have an idea of what your home looks like and which entry points look the easiest.
You can help keep your home safe on social media platforms by following these simple steps;
To help find out what information other people can access about you, search your name on Google, followed by the town/city you live in. This way you can change the settings on your social media accounts to help prevent unwanted people accessing information.

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