Home Security at Christmas


It’s that time of the year where everyone is busy buying presents and visiting friends & family. It’s a busy period, not just for homeowners but also for burglars too. Homes are usually left empty a lot more in December with people go on shopping trips, visiting loved ones, or staying elsewhere over the holiday period. Statistics have shown that burglaries increase between November to January. Reduce your chances of becoming a statistic this year, follow our security tips to help stay safe this Christmas.


Most of us at some point this Christmas will order presents online. Make sure someone is at home to receive the parcels or ask your neighbour if they can be delivered to their address, knowing they will be home to receive it. Avoid keeping receipts with presents as this can allow thieves to instantly return the item for cash.
Hide the presents
It sounds simple, however many homeowners leave presents under the tree to look at and to make the room look more festive, but are you the only ones looking? Whether they are wrapped or unwrapped, take a look from the outside of your home and see what’s on show for others to see, then make sure they’re out of plain sight from prying eyes!
Going away for the Holidays?
If you’re planning on going away for Christmas, instead of leaving the spare key under a rock, in flowerpots or above door ledges, ask a neighbour to check on the property. Royal Mails ‘keepsafe’ service is always handy to use when going away. Royal Mail will keep hold of your post until you’re back home, making it look like the house is occupied.
Social Media posts
If you’re away for Christmas, be careful with how much information you share on your social media accounts. For example, by “checking-in” and posting photos online, you are telling people where you are for the Holiday and who you’re with. Burglars will know how to use social media sites to find out vital information about their targets. For more information on how to stay safe on social media, read our blog here.
Be discreet when disposing packaging
By leaving your empty boxes from Christmas outside ready to be collected, you are making burglars aware of all the new items you now have in your home. Make sure you cut and break down boxes, and only place them outside on the day that they’re going to be collected.

If you would like advice about keeping your home secure this Christmas