Van Security


49,000 work related vehicles are stolen each year in the U.K. with figures now increasing in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.

It’s easy to think ‘It won’t happen to me’ especially when it comes to vehicle theft, however, thousands of tools are stolen from vans each year. Tools by tradespeople can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds, which is why it’s not uncommon for tradespeople to lose both their vehicle and their equipment in the process of a theft.
Only 1 in 3 vans are recovered when reported stolen, this is because stolen vans are then stripped apart for spare parts which are then be sold on.
The Ford Transit and Ford Custom vans especially, are the most common types of vans to be stolen in the U.K.
Steve, from ‘The Car Key Man’, has written a brilliant article regarding Ford’s levels of security on their Transits & Customs vans, the most popular varieties for tradespeople. He has discovered that:
"The C-clip that holds the lock in place on Ford vans is thinflexible and easily dislodged with a screwdriver. When this happens, the lock is loose and the security of your van is compromised. In the time it's taken you to read this paragraph, a Ford can be broken into!
Once the door lock is no longer working, the whole van can be opened. Also, if your van is not protected with an alarm, it means the rear of the van can be unlocked without the fear of drawing attention."
To read more of Steve’s article, click here.
With vehicle crime making up almost 1/3 of all reported crimes, it pays to make sure that your van is protected. Which is why Mul-T-Lock have enhanced their van locks, offering ultra-high security, built for vans to combat vehicle crime.
The ArmaDLock has been specifically designed by Mul-T-Lock to secure commercial vehicles, in particular, those carrying goods and equipment. This van lock is simple to install and use, and fits almost any type of vehicle door, both side and rear.

Lincoln Security Ltd. and The Car Key Man, would like to advise tradesmen to remove their tools from their van and store them in a safe location overnight whilst being vigilant at all times.


If you would like to make sure your van is safe and secure,