Why choose an MLA Locksmith?


Firstly, MLA stands for the Master Locksmith Association. It’s a non-profit organisation which has been established for over 50 years, to promote the levels of skills in the locksmith industry.
The locksmithing industry is not regulated by the Government in any way, which means that ANYONE can say they’re a locksmith. The MLA is recognised as the authoritative body for UK locksmithing by the police, the Home Office, the British Standards Institute and many other trade and professional bodies.
Approved MLA companies undergo regular inspections to ensure quality, they are vetted and employ locksmiths with an exam based qualifications. Therefore, by using an approved MLA locksmith company, you have a peace of mind that the engineers have the correct qualifications and that the job will exceed expectations and standards.
How do you know if a company is MLA approved?
The Master Locksmith Association Approved Company Logo is placed and advertised by an approved company on their website, vehicles and premises, confirming to the public the standards expected of them.
So, what are the benefits of using a qualified MLA locksmith?

The customer has a peace of mind through the licensing scheme
All locksmith engineers have their criminal record checked
High standards of qualified locksmiths, strict vetting and regular inspections
Provide professional installation and maintenance services
If complaints are made, the MLA takes necessary action
Promotes standards of conduct, practice and materials within locksmithing
Not only are Lincoln Security Ltd. proud to be members of the Master Locksmith Association, but we are also the only MLA approved company in the whole Lincolnshire! Our engineers are CRB checked, fully insured to work in both domestic and commercial settings, and passed all types of exams making them qualified and professional locksmiths.


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