How to prevent bike theft


With an estimate of 500,000 bikes being stolen each year in the U.K., bike security should be a top priority. Simple crime prevention methods can decrease the chances of you having your bike stolen.

What security measures do you have in place to secure your bike?

First things first, always lock your bike, even if you are just leaving it for two minutes. Unfortunately, 59% of cyclists have admitted to having no lock on their bike whilst it was stolen. This is making things way too easy for thieves. To lock your bike correctly, place the lock through the frame. Also remember to use bike racks, ground anchors or even street furniture such as lamp posts and railings to keep your bike secure.
Make sure that your lock and chain is hard to move once parked. This will make it harder or completely stop thieves, being able to smash open the lock. There are many ways that you can do this; keep the lock and chain away from the ground, keep the space between the bike and the lock small, and never leave the lock lying on the pavement as this can be broken easy. Bike locks can also be picked, to prevent this face the lock towards the ground so it can’t be turned upwards for easy picking.
When out and about, try not to lock your bike in the same place every time. This way, thieves will start to notice a pattern with what time your bike is locked and how long you are gone for. Try to lock your bike somewhere that is covered by CCTV cameras. In case your bike does get stolen, you should be prepared and register your bike. This will assist the police in returning bikes to their owners, you can register your bike here.

Extra security tips;

Insure your bike
Secure our bike to a ground anchor for extra security
Keep your bike locked in a garage/shed with a locked door
Security mark your bike
Use two or more different locks
Avoid leaving your bike in isolated or dimly lit places
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