Ever wondered what makes our staff tick? Or what they do when they’re not at work? Or maybe you just want to put a face to a name. 
Whatever your reason for being on the page, scroll down to learn about Lincoln Security’s most valued asset. Our staff! 
The trade counter chaps

Dave and Rhyn really are the face of Lincoln Security, being the first two people that you see when you walk into our trade counter. They’re also the first ones in the building, opening at 7:30 every morning ready to greet customers.

In between serving customers we sat down with Dave and Rhyn to see what their favourite part of their jobs were! And we didn’t tell them what to say! Promise

Dave – My favourite part about working here is the friendly working environment and the fact that we are always learning new things every day. I get the change to meet new people when they come in the shop and we have regular customers that visit on a frequent basis.

Rhyn – Dave got to do his quote first and pretty much took all of the good reasons, without sounding unoriginal i agree with everything Dave said. And obviously the people i work with.

With a combined service of almost 10 years, the pair have a fantastic knowledge of all things locks, keys and everything in between! If you need any information and advice about home security products then give them a ring or email shop@lincolnsecurity.co.uk


Fun Fact – Dave enjoys playing Sunday league football despite being a self confessed below par player


Fun Fact – Rhyn has a thing for exotic pets and currently has a pet snake named ‘Sid’. Rhyn’s Royal Python is over 5 foot long and eats every 3 months

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