Ever wondered what makes our staff tick? Or what they do when they’re not at work? Or maybe you just want to put a face to a name. 
Whatever your reason for being on the page, scroll down to learn about Lincoln Security’s most valued asset. Our staff! 

Locked out of your house? Lock in your door broken? Or maybe you need to get into an old safe that you’ve lost the key for. Well then Kelly and Kelsey, our wonderful Locksmith Administrators are the two people that will be answering your calls.

Kelly, our Locksmith Installation Manager has worked for Lincoln Security for over 11 years, before taking an 8 year gap to raise her two children. Kelly rejoined the team 8 months ago to head up the installation desk. Kelsey is our office apprentice currently studying part time at Lincoln College.

Keen to improve her qualifications, Kelsey, along with 3 of our team members have had some recent good news with their exams, you can read more about that here.

Honourable mention – Julie, our Finance Director heads up the desk Thursdays and Fridays in Kelly’s absence, but we’ll learn more about Julie in our ‘Meet the Directors’ special.

Whilst they had a spare moment, we sat down with Kelly and Kelsey to see what they like the most about their jobs. And what motivates them the most

Kelly – I’ve grown up with Lincoln Security, coming here as a child with my dad to work and continuing for 11 years, meeting my husband along the way. Lincoln Security runs through my blood as it does Aiden and Julie. I look at carrying the company into the future with them and Jason (my Husband) and then the next generation of family and staff we have here in our great team.

Kelsey – Since i joined Lincoln Security the administration team have really taken me under their wing and supported my development. My confidence in dealing with customers and my knowledge of our products has come on leaps and bounds. Working at Lincoln Security has provided me with a fantastic start on my career path and i look forward to taking Kelly’s job in the future.

Fun Fact – Kelly has never been to the cinema without falling asleep and has to watch every film at least twice

Fun Fact – Kelsey is the office joker and enjoys winding people up at any opportunity

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