Ever wondered what makes our staff tick? Or what they do when they’re not at work? Or maybe you just want to put a face to a name. 
Whatever your reason for being on the page, scroll down to learn about Lincoln Security’s most valued asset. Our staff! 

Lincoln Security have been building, supplying and installing Master Key Suites for almost 45 years, and we’re pleased to say we’re quite good at it! Our first job was to supply the master key suite for a national water site back in 1976. and since then our team of experts have gone from strength to strength. Our Master Key Technicians work tirelessly to design and build our customers Master Key suites.

If you’re wondering what on earth a Master Key suite is, click here to find out more about it.

Lindsey heads up the team of 4 and has worked for Lincoln Security for 9 years. Jo is her close number 2 with almost 14 years within the Master Key department. Brian and Joe work alongside them in Engraving.

The diagram to the right demonstrates the different permissions different keys have and how they interact with different locks in a master key suite.

Whilst they had a spare moment, we sat down with Lindsey, Jo, Brian and Joe to speak to them about their roles , and what motivates them the most …

Lindsey – I am entering into my 9th year at Lincoln Security, starting as a trainee Master key technician, leading to be the Manager I am today.

A typical week in the Master keying department would consist of creating and designing master keyed suites for customers such as National Grid or Anglian Water, delegating work to my colleagues which include high security key cutting, arranging deliveries from our suppliers (ASSA/ABLOY) and Utility companies who require bulk products. My team and I average each month between 2000-3000 units across the board; so my department is certainly a crucial part to the company.

Working alongside my direct family has got to be one of the best decisions I chose on my career path. I always push myself to accomplish more & I have been on managers courses to get me there. I love to get stuck in and involved where it needs.

My aim is to follow in my fathers (Aiden) footsteps & carry the business forward, making him even more proud of the person I have become.

Jo – My experience of working in the manufacturing industry for over 33 years , enabled me to gain my position at Lincoln security beginning the journey within those years. I’m now entering into my 14th year.

Our Lincoln security family helped me to diversify my life skills within the locksmiths world completing the maintenance and technical construction which include problem solving and production of our wide spectrum of keys, padlocks and cylinders on a daily basis , which has contributed to my new in house title of Master key technician.

Teamwork within Master key works so well and I am proud to work alongside my manager Lindsey, there’s times when we work under pressure with jobs , sharing roles and the workload at times is intense , but what makes it work so well is we still make time to have a laugh and giggle .

Hallmarking a motto that Positivity turns that “frown upside down”

Visitors entering the department will and have been amazed, that the roles we play are not assigned to a robot….. so maybe the new word for myself will be “Jobot”

On the home front, a very supportive partner and beautiful family and friends including 2 beautiful grandsons, makes my life pretty much a butterfly effect.

Brian – Lindsey says: “Brian is such an important part within the Master keying area, his knowledge & experience is essential & is practiced throughout all our work.”

Fun Fact – Lindsey – I am a secret cat lady to a gorgeous Seal Point Ragdoll named Ozzy!

Fun Fact – Joe – In my free time I enjoy racing my Motocross bike in the Lincolnshire Enduro Championships, I am also a keen Air softer as well.

Fun Fact – Jo – Skills gained through work have allowed me to build and design my own decking area at home and many other work working projects.

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