Ever wondered what makes our staff tick? Or what they do when they’re not at work? Or maybe you just want to put a face to a name. 
Whatever your reason for being on the page, scroll down to learn about Lincoln Security’s most valued asset. Our staff! 

Over the past few months the Lincoln Security office has been almost devoid of people due to the lockdown. Dustbowls float across the empty chairs as signs flicker and the wind howls.

As lockdown is slowly lifted and people start filtering back into the office, there’s one individual that we wanted to shine a light on. Their tireless work brings a smile to everyones face and although their communication skills are a little lacking, its hard to get annoyed with her.

This Meet the Team feature is focusing on Lincoln Security’s beloved office dog Martha. Martha is a two years old this month (July 2020) and is a Podenco her owners are Jason & Kelly. You may remember Kelly from our feature on the Locksmith Administrators which you can read by clicking here.

According to Time Magazine, Dogs in the workplace provide more social support for employees, as well as more opportunities for coworkers to interact in a positive setting. But did you really need studies to tell you that?

Martha visits the office almost every day, hopping up onto her blanket on the sofa for a bit of a lie down before roaming round to say hello to everyone. You’ll often find Martha nosing around everyones desk and asking for a stroke, or being utilised by our marketing department for the cute factor.

Martha – I often hear people saying that they’d love to be a dog but its actually incredibly hard work and i don’t think they realise just how difficult it is. Every day i’m taken for long runs which means i have to have an afternoon nap just to recover my strength.

Once i get to the office lots of people usually come and say hello and ask if i’m a good girl, but they never tell me so i’m constantly left wondering. In the afternoon i usually have a little wander around the office to see if anyone has any spare food to give me. After that i usually go for a little nap in my dads office or on my blanket on the sofa.

Fun Fact – Martha can jump 5ft vertically up! Quite impressive when you consider shes only 3ft tall

Dislikes – Being made to get out of bed in the morning

Likes – Going for long runs (and sleeping after)
Chasing birds
Treats – Specifically red peppers, carrots, sausages and gravy bones

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