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Is Lincoln Security Ltd. accredited?
Lincoln Security Ltd. are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and have passed the specification to receive the following accreditations; MLA (Master Locksmith Association), LPCB, Safe contractor Approved, UVDB Registered, Endorsed by the RIBA, SSAIB for Alarms and CCTV Systems, CHAS (Construction Health and Safety), Construction line, GAI full member (Guild of Architectural Ironmonger), ISO 9001 UKAS.
What geographic area do you cover?
Lincoln Security Ltd. provide national coverage for all of our services apart from our emergency call-out service which is covered in Lincoln, Newark and Lincolnshire.
What are your opening times?
Our Trade Counter and Retail Shop is open 07:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. The office is open 08.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday. Plus we offer a 24 hour emergency call out service.
Do you vet your security engineers?
Yes we do. All our engineers are fully qualified and CRB checked each year.
Do you offer free quotes?
Yes we do. Our qualified surveyors will either come out and do a site survey or often we can quote for standard systems and rates without the need to visit. Quotes are provided at no expense and without obligation.
How long does your free home security survey take?
Appointments usually last up to 1 hour, however this is dependent on how many questions you have and the size of your home. Our qualified surveyors take pride in their work and will always do their best to deliver the best survey.
Do you offer security advice?
Of course! We are always happy to provide advice either over the phone, email, social media, or via our live chat on our website to help you make the best choices for your home or business security. You can also read our latest blogs and articles on our website which cover a wide range of security topics.
Why should I get an intruder alarm?
As well as providing an audible signal that an intruder may have entered your house, Alarm systems also allow for a visual deterrent with accompanying bell boxes fitted to the outside of your home. Furthermore, having a security system designed and installed by a qualified SSAIB accredited organisation can help prove to Insurances that reasonable steps have been taken to secure your property.
What kind of alarms can you provide?
Whether you require police response or an audible-only intruder alarm, there are a vast range of alarm systems to protect your property.
How much is an alarm system?
The cost of an alarm system will depend on a number of factors including the type & number of sensors your property would require and additional features you might desire such as remote mobile access. This means that every system tends to be tailored for your particular needs. Contact our team today to organise your bespoke quotation.
Can I set and unset my alarm from my phone?
If you’re interested in remotely controlled alarm systems, Lincoln Security Ltd. are able to offer possible solutions and additions to your system to achieve this.
Do you offer a maintenance service?
Lincoln Security Ltd. can offer a full maintenance service on your domestic or commercial alarm system. This includes an annual maintenance check as well as 24/7 emergency call-out service to response to faults.
Do intruder alarms really work?
Evidence suggests that 9 out of 10 burglars would choose a home without a security system over one with one. An intruder alarm is a great way visual show your home is protected.
Will my pets set the alarm off?
We’re able to set the tolerances of our sensors to eliminate the potential of pets setting off your alarm.
Do I need more than one alarm system for my house?
Generally speaking, one alarm system would be enough to protect both your front and back door as well as any garage doors that you might wish to connect to the system.


How long do the batteries last in an intruder alarm systems?
The batteries in our system should last up to two years, however excessive use or poor signal strength will affect the battery life. We would recommend that your batteries are replaces at least every two years. If you are under a maintenance contract, the battery life of your system is one item that will be checked and replaced in necessary.
Do you provide emergency evening/weekend service?
Our emergency evening & weekend service for Alarms & CCTV systems are covered by a contract agreement only. This service can be reached 24/7 by calling our office number on 01522 532038.
Can you provide fake dummy alarm bell boxes?
Yes. Lincoln Security Ltd. are able to supply and install decoy alarm boxes which are a perfect way to provide a visual deterrent around your property without having to install multiple real alarm bell boxes. The only difference between Lincoln Security’s real and fake bell boxes are that the fake ones do not have our logo printed.
How loud is the alarm if it is triggered?
The alarm volume has been designed to comply with UK Noise Pollution Regulations.
Do you install third party equipment?
Yes. Our engineers are trained to supply and install a range of advance, high quality security products that have passed our stringent quality tests. Furthermore, installing our own selected equipment means we’re able to offer full warranties and guarantees for installation of a complete system.
What is a monitored alarm?
A monitored alarm has the ability to add an extra layer of security to your property by alerting our monitoring station if your alarm sounds. Our monitoring stations are then able to inform your chosen key holders, or even the police, if action is required.
If my alarm is triggered will Lincoln Security Ltd. respond to it?
Unfortunately, Lincoln Security Ltd. won’t response directly to any alarms that are triggered. Despite this, for monitored systems we will be able to notify your chosen key holders.
If your alarm is triggering as part of a fault, contact our office on 01522 532038 and we’ll be able to respond with an engineer (note: evening and weekend responses are only available to contracted customers for fault responses).
What CCTV means?
CCTV is an acronym for the phrase: Closed-Circuit Television, it is the process in which video cameras transmit imagery to a designated number of televisions within a network or circuit.
Are CCTV Camera’s a deterrent?
Yes, CCTV on private property and commercial act as a deterrent as they can be placed in visible places to scare prospective intruders and these can be viewed live through remote viewing on any designated mobile device or live monitoring station so any ongoing instance can immediately be acted upon. Additionally CCTV and the law go very strongly together as these enable you to store the footage to use the images recorded as evidence when reporting and assist convictions when a crime has taken place.
How much will a CCTV system cost?
The cost of a CCTV system will depend on a number of factors including the type & number of cameras your property would require, monitoring and data storage as well as additional features you might desire such as remote mobile access. This means that every system tends to be tailored for your particular needs. Contact our team today to organise your bespoke cctv quotation.
Are your cameras suitable for homes?
Certainly! Although our systems are incredibly more advance than your typical domestic CCTV system, the flexibility of them means that can be applied to most situations including a home environment.
Are your systems suitable for a Commercial Building?
Our CCTV systems are perfect for commercial environments and can be designed bespoke to fit your unique needs and requirements for the protection of your organisation.
How good is the quality on your CCTV cameras?
All our cameras record at a minimum of 1080P (High Definition) and start from 4 Mega Pixels.


How far can you see on a CCTV Camera?
Our external cameras are designed to see up to 30m away during night time.
Can you install CCTV Systems?
We can supply and install a range of advance CCTV systems for business and domestic needs. Our team can also take over existing systems if you’re looking for a new maintenance supplier.
What type of camera systems do you install and which cctv cameras are the best?
Lincoln Security Ltd install a range of IP CCTV Camera systems. IP Security Camera systems provide a far superior offering in numerous ways compared to alternative methods. They are simpler to install (requiring less intrusive wiring), have a wider range of compatible devices and have the ability to connect to your internet connection to allow live remote streaming.
Why should I choose Lincoln Security Ltd. for my CCTV cover?
As well as being accredited experts in our field, we spend a long time guaranteeing all our engineers are fully trained and work to industry standards. This means all the work we do for you, you can know that it will be of the best quality workmanship giving you the possibility to evidence to insurance that reasonable steps have been taken to secure your property.
Can I view my CCTV cameras from my phone?
It is possible to connect your system to the internet so it can be remotely viewed using a range of devices.
Can you add extra cameras to existing CCTV systems?
We can! Our expert engineers will design your system to reflect your needs, however complex – or simple.
What does a Locksmith do?
Our Locksmiths work with locks on doors, windows, safes and much more. Our locksmith engineers also install, repair and adjust locks, whilst being able to get you back into your home or business.
What times are your locksmiths available?
Our standard operating hours are between 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, Lincoln Security Ltd. operate an emergency locksmith service with our locksmith engineers on call every evening and during the weekend.
Why should I choose to use Lincoln Security Ltd.?
Lincoln Security Ltd. are Lincoln’s only professional Master Locksmith Accredited & ISO9001 locksmith, meaning that you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality of work due to the independent criteria we meet.
We also guarantee all our work for 12 months to give you that added protection.
How soon can you get someone out?
The majority of the time, we aim to have one of our engineers with you within the hour. However, this is dependent on other workloads and projects we might be currently carrying out that could limit the availability of our engineers.
Do you charge per hour?
Our rates are based on a minimum hourly charge of labour. Rates based on distance might also be applicable depending on your location as well as any material costs if our engineer was required to replace a part. Most jobs are completed within an hour and it is unlikely our engineer will be on site for longer than this period however this is never guaranteed as the complexity of a job can vary.
How far will your locksmiths go radius wise?
For emergency call outs, our locksmiths are available in Lincolnshire and Newark.
For pre-scheduled works, we are able to provide cover throughout the country.
Can you gain access to locks without causing damage?
Yes, in the majority of cases we can. We are qualified locksmiths and members of the Master Locksmiths Association. If for some reason it was not possible to access the lock without causing damage, we would advise you of this prior to starting any work.
My keys are stuck in the door, can you help?
Of course! We are Lincoln’s premier locksmith and security company. Just call us on 01522 532038 at any time to arrange for the next available engineer.
I’ve lost the keys to my home, what should I do?
If you lose your keys or a copy of your house key, the best action is to always invest in new (or rekeying) locks to help guarantee the security of your home. Call our team today on 01522 532038 to arrange for a locksmith engineer to visit and make your home secure again.
Can you rekey any lock?
Lincoln Security Ltd. are able to rekey most locks however this will depend on the model of lock, the quality and the overall state of the lock condition.
Will the locksmith have to drill my lock out?
9/10 times, no. We always aim to complete a job in the least destructive methods possible, however, if our engineer needs to drill the lock out, we will inform you first.
Are your locks British Standard locks?
Yes, all of the locks we provide are approved to British Standards.
Do you provide an emergency locksmith service?
We offer a 24/7 emergency locksmith service throughout the areas of Lincolnshire and Newark.
Do you provide evenings/weekend cover?
Yes, our engineers are available 24/7, so you never have to worry about finding one!
Are locksmiths more expensive out of hours?
Yes. Between the hours of 17:00 – 08:30, our engineers are on call.


Do you cut car keys?
Unfortunately, this is not a service that Lincoln Security Ltd., are able to provide. With most cars now having electronic car keys, they require a specialist to programme the key to the car.
I want a keyless/digital lock for my home, do you sell them?
Yes. Lincoln Security Ltd. can provide & install keyless and digital locks for your home. Contact our installation team today on 01522 532 038 to discuss your requirements.
What is a Masterkey system?
A Masterkey system is where you can have access to multiple doors with just the need of one single key. For more information, visit our Masterkey Page.
Roughly, how long does it take to cut a key?
Depending on which key you would like cutting, the time it takes varies. Most types of keys take between 30-60 seconds to cut. However, dimple keys such as the ABS keys, could take up to 4 minutes to cut. Bespoke items such as Safe and Church Keys, will depend on the key shape.
Do you offer discounts on large orders?
Yes. If you require more than 30 keys, our retail staff will be able to negotiate a suitable discount.
Do you cut specialist security keys?
Yes. Our bench locksmiths are able to cut a variety of specialised keys including keys to code, and master keys.
Do you cut car keys?
Unfortunately, this is not a service that Lincoln Security Ltd., are able to provide. With most cars now having electronic car keys, they require a specialist to programme the key to the car.
What types of safes do you do?
Lincoln Security Ltd. can provide key, combination and electronic keypad safes which require a PIN code, in all shapes and sizes. We also provide fire proof safes and safes that can be bolted to the floor or wall.
Do you install safes?
Yes. We can supply, install, repair and offer a maintenance service for all of our safes.
Do you offer a safe maintenance?
We do! Our safe maintenance service includes a range of proactive examinations and actions to provide longevity of your safe and it’s locking mechanism to help prevent any serious and sudden faults developing.
What’s your highest cash rated safe?
Our highest cash rated safe has been certified to hold £10,000.
What’s your highest insurance rated safe?
We can provide insurance rated safes from £4,000 up to £100,000!
Can safes be bolted to the floor or wall?
Yes. Our safe engineers are able to bolt your safe to walls and floors.
Do you cut keys for safes?
Yes, we can cut all types of keys for safes.
My safe won’t open, can you help?
Of course! Our safe engineers have the training to open a wide range of safes and bring it back into good working order.
I need a safe, what is the best kind for me?
Lincoln Security Ltd. offer a variety of safes to suit your requirements, speak to our specialist team today who will be able to identify the best type for you.
Are you able to relocate large safes?
Yes. Our team of experts are able to assist you in the relocation of any safe.
What is an Access Control system?
An Access Control system grants access to users based on an authorised identification such as login credentials including passwords, PIN numbers, biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys. Designed for commercial environments that have multiple people requiring access, Access Control is the perfect way to prevent pitfalls of lost keys that could weaken a properties security.


What kind of Access Control Systems can you install?
Lincoln Security Ltd. offers a wide range of access control systems from some of the biggest names in access control technology. From PIN Code Access Panels and Key Fobs to Fingerprint Scanners, Lincoln Security Ltd. are able to provide a solution that suits your particular needs best.
How can I benefit from an Access Control system?
Access Control systems give you complete control over who has access to specific areas with users being assigned bespoke access privileges. Systems can be standalone or linked to your computer network in order to be instantly updated when required. Access Control systems have the benefits of not requiring multiple sets of keys being distributed. Furthermore, they can be set up to restrict access to certain rooms and buildings based on user, time and date authorisations.
I’m interested in an Access Control system for my organisation, what steps do I need to take?
Access Control systems are perfect for any organisation, regardless on their size. If you’re interested in installing or upgrading an Access Control system, get in touch with our Installation team on 01522 532038 who will be able to discuss your requirements with you allowing for them to recommend the best possible solution suited for your needs.
Aren’t Access Control systems electrical? Will I need to organise an electrician?
Even though Access Control Systems are electrical, our qualified team are able to supply, install, repair and offer maintenance for Access Control Systems.
Should there be an issue for obtaining power on your site, our team will be able to recommend effective alternatives for you.
What is a Security Door?
A Security Door offers reliable and robust security solutions for use within a range of sectors including commercial properties, infrastructure sites, hospital facilities, police establishments and much more. With the door and frame constructed in steel, Security Doors offer advance levels of protection compared to traditional doors due to strengthen fixtures and multiple locking points.
What type of Security Doors do you provide?
Our V Class Security Door range offers a great deal of flexibility and customisation in respect of dimensions, colours, finishing’s and locking arrangements. All our doors are either licensed to various LPCB or CPNI ratings to provide independent guarantee of their strength and resilience.
Do you install Security Doors?
Yes. We have over 40 years of experience with installing Security Doors, meaning you can have faith in our team of accredited installers.
Are you qualified to install security doors?
Yes. Lincoln Security Ltd. are qualified installers for Security Doors.
Do your security doors meet standards?
Our steel doors have been tested and approved by Exova Warrington fire under the Certifire scheme and also has the option to meet the Loss Prevention Certification Board certification to LPS1175 Security Rating for 2, 3, and 4.
Can you make bespoke Security Doors?
Our team of experts have track record of devising bespoke solution for projects that are proven to be workable.
Where are your Security Doors suitable for?
Our Security Doors are suitable for Government use, Critical National Infrastructure Sites, Industrial Premises, Commercial Properties, Custodial Establishments, Hospital Facilities, Immigration Centres and more.
Do you do Fire Doors?
Lincoln Security Ltd. are able to provide and install a wide range of Fire Doors.
What material is a Security Door made from?
Lincoln Security Ltd.’s Security Doors (and their accompanying frame) are manufactured from thick Zintec steel and contain reinforced lock fixing and reinforced hinge bolts. Our doors are also certified to give up to 240 minutes of fire protection.
Can you supply sound proof doors?
Yes. We are able to supply doors that offer sound proofing.
How can I get a price for Security Doors?
Each door & frame has to be manufactured uniquely to provide a guaranteed fit. This means a site will need to be surveyed by our team to deem if a Security Door installation is possible and to provide an accurate quotation. To arrange a free survey with our experts, please contact our installation team on 01522 532038.
What products can I have a maintenance contract on?
Lincoln Security Ltd. offer maintenance contracts on: Alarms, CCTV Systems, Security Doors, Safes, and Access Control Systems.
What is included in my maintenance contract?
What is included in a maintenance contract will vary depending product you’ve taken the contract out on. All our maintenance contracts are designed to prolong the life of your security product and help avoid any surprised defaults arising. When applicable, we’d usually inspect electrical components, locking & gear mechanisms, hinges and all over moving parts.
We aim to provide maintenance inspections on an annual basis, however, in some situations (such as higher/more regular usage) it might be deemed to provide more regular visits.
How does a maintenance contract benefit me?
A maintenance contract will assist in prolonging the life of your security product and help avoid any surprised defaults arising. Further benefits include priority for emergency call-outs related to your security product and discounted prices on any replacement parts.
If my products weren’t provided by Lincoln Security Ltd. can I still have a maintenance contract?
Of course! We’re more than happy to take on existing systems. Get in touch with our team today to sign up to our maintenance service today.
How do I sign up to your Trade Membership scheme?
You can either visit our Trade Membership page here to fill in your details, or collect a Trade Membership form from our Trade Counter located at Whisby Way. Did we mention that it’s FREE?
What are the benefits to having a Trade Membership card?
Our free Trade Membership card is a fantastic way for you to receive additional and exclusive benefits for being a loyal customer. Including discounted rates, monthly offers straight to your inbox, loyalty rewards, a range of credit account opportunities, and of course… free in-store refreshments!
What are your Trade Counter opening hours?
Our Trade Counter is open Monday to Friday, 7:30 – 17:00
I’ve lost my Trade Membership card, what do I do?
Firstly, don’t panic! Secondly, email your name, trades name, phone number and email address to customerservice@lincolnsecurity.co.uk stating that you have lost your membership card, and a new one will be sent straight away.
Can I still receive discount if I forget my membership card?
Yes. Just mention that you have forgotten your card and state which company you are from (evidence may be required) for our team to pull up your account number.
How do I change my contact details if I have new ones?
Simply email customerservice@lincolnsecurity.co.uk with your account number and updated details, and our team will process the information straight away.
Can I order stuff over the phone?
Of course! We have thousands of products available for purchase over the phone, just give us your shopping list and your membership number. We’ll even call you to let you know when your items have arrived.
What if I need someone else to collect my order using my Trade Membership card?
If someone else comes to pick up your order on your behalf, they must provide proof that they work for the same company. They can also order their own Trade Membership Card by clicking here.

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Larissa Cowen
Larissa Cowen
16:15 03 Sep 20
Really impressed with all aspects of the service I received from Lincoln Security Ltd. The office staff were very... helpful and efficient over the 'phone and email. The job was carried out quickly, to a high standard and at a fair price. Would highly recommend.read more
John Kinnear
John Kinnear
05:54 10 Jul 20
I have been a customer of Lincoln Security for many years and have always found their staff to be extremely helpful and... knowledgeable. The quality of their products is very good and their prices competitive, plus their range of products is superb.read more
David Brown
David Brown
12:08 30 Jun 20
Always happy to help and give advice on the trade counter all of their operatives prompt and professional leaving the... job tidy and abiding by on site regulations an all round good company.read more
Ian Wakeford
Ian Wakeford
20:44 23 Jun 20
I have been using for 20 years for my business and they have served me well in all that time.
14:14 23 Jun 20
Incredibly helpful and flexible on sorting a failing battery and beeping house alarm. This was right at the beginning... of lockdown, so I cant tell you how grateful I was for the help!read more
07:08 16 Jun 20
Great service from all staff. Would highly recommend I had alarm and cameras fitted. On going support has been... fantastic.read more
John Hermit
John Hermit
20:12 27 May 20
Only used you the once but I got a very good service and advice
Elinor Suma
Elinor Suma
13:02 12 Mar 20
Very good alarm system and all round service.
Marion Watson
Marion Watson
10:55 24 Feb 20
An excellent job completed by lincoln Security updating our fire alarm system. Great work by the team and all completed... in a day.read more
John Knight
John Knight
19:27 07 Feb 20
Have just had a CCTV system installed at my house. From the initial consultation through to installation I was... extremely impressed with the professional approach and manner in which the job was done. Have to mention John and Kyle who fitted my CCTV system, as they did a great job and were both polite and informative. Highly recommend Lincoln Security.read more
Jonathan Hylton
Jonathan Hylton
09:40 06 Dec 19
We have used Lincoln Security for many years now and they are always prompt to resolve any issues and are one of the... only companies that we use who are always "one the ball" when it comes to reminding us that servicing etc is due. Cannot fault them...read more
ann holmes
ann holmes
12:37 06 Nov 19
Had are alarm serviced new keypad very efficient company and workforce
R James
R James
09:31 03 Oct 19
Lincoln Security have worked on several jobs for me in recent years, and they have never failed to deliver solutions... which meet the exceptionally high standard we require for the unique environments we operate.Their attention to detail, high standard of workmanship, and aftercare has been outstanding every time.read more
Ernie Thompson
Ernie Thompson
13:01 01 Oct 19
Been a Lincoln Security Customer since 2000 great company first class staff and support services value for money... maintenance and call out Office staff and engineers all very helpful in arranging appointments and completing the services on time in a friendly efficient manner Highly recommend themread more
Benjiboo11 H
Benjiboo11 H
10:22 26 Sep 19
Always get my keys cut here, staff are great and helpful
Bill Haughton
Bill Haughton
09:28 13 Aug 19
Straightforward company that you can have confidence in.
E Herring
E Herring
15:07 24 Jun 19
Top Notch service every time from from Lincoln Security. Keep up the good work.
Insight Security
Insight Security
12:59 24 Jun 19
Having dealt with Lincoln Security for a number of years, I have to say the service the offer is second to none. Thanks... so much for being a valued supplier.read more
janet farr
janet farr
15:51 12 Jun 19
I have just passed your invoice for payment and would just like to say what an excellent and rapid service you provided... us with. I didn’t even catch the engineer’s name but the job was undertaken quickly and effectively. There was a malfunction with our safe and since we use it to store exam papers, this could have been very tricky in terms of our integrity if we hadn't sorted the problem quickly. Since your visit, everything has worked perfectly and all exams have now successfully been delivered for another year - you really saved the day 🙂 We will definitely keep your details for future reference.read more
Shamash Mitha
Shamash Mitha
13:07 20 May 19
I have used Lincoln Security for more 10 years with three different companies and organisations I have worked for in... facilities and estates management. I have found Lincoln Security Office team and the engineers who attend site to be very professional and knowledgeable. The areas I have used Lincoln Security is from basic requirements of keys to larger projects of installations of security doors, automated access doors and specialist requirements for people with difficulties with access, wheelchair users.The engineers follow all the contractors on site H&S Procedures. Report in and out and communicate of any findings that I should be aware of.During service visits of the auto-mated doors, the engineers write the reports in folder which is left on site and very useful during audits. After the service we get the electronic copy and any recommendations of repairs or condition which we should monitor.The call out response is excellent throughout year.All I've come in contact with from Lincoln Security project a happy, friendly with a good sense of humour teamI used them when worked for two engineering companies and currently in an educational environment.Sam Mitharead more
Robert Varey
Robert Varey
19:02 01 Mar 19
I have responsibility for the apartments where I live. There was a difficulty with the intercom system which was... resolved by Lincoln Security they were professional and did a great job keeping us update with the progress.As a result and my experience I engaged them to do work within the branch of the Lincoln Branch of the Samaritans they again excelled their reputation in keeping us operational. Their staff were experienced, helpful and entirely personable, they were timely and met all deadlines. Well done and congratulations to all the team at Lincoln Security. I fully recommend their services.read more
Frazer Martin
Frazer Martin
17:39 04 Feb 19
Just had a locksmith out to my door to fix a faulty gearbox. Lovely guy and great customer service. Fully explained... what he had done etc.This lock smith deserves a well done. One very happy customer here.Thank you!!read more
15:08 16 Jan 19
Very Friendly Professional Team Highly Recommend For Commercial & Domestic! Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else Now! Thank You To... Everyone At Lincoln Security!read more
Demi Goodall
Demi Goodall
15:04 16 Jan 19
Well organised company and friendly engineers, staff very competent and knowledgable in their area of expertise!... Lincoln Security ensured the person centred approach to job task, not too pricey like others in area. Would 100% recommend and use again. Smooth process from beginning to end.read more
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