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Unlike any other fingerprint scanners, ievo products are able to correctly identify a registered fingerprint through most types of latex gloves, levels of dirt, debris and moisture present on the finger.

The ievo biometric fingerprint range has been developed with the aim of being the most technologically advanced, reliable and secure fingerprint reader on the market.

Both the ievo ultimate and the ievo micro fingerprint scanners have been desgined to integrate into existing card and fob systems, and can be retrofitted onto the Paxton Access Control system too! The ievo devices will work alongside the original security system that is already in place without needing to replace it.


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Sports Stadiums

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ievo systems function with a separate control board which means that no data or information is stored locally on the reader.

The ievo readers do not house any locking mechanisms or door relays which therefore if a reader was removed, your access point would remain secure and the data would also remain safe.

ievo readers acquire biometric data by scanning a fingerprint and measuring it to collect unique reference points.

This data is then converted and encrypted as a template which is stored on the ievo control board.
No fingerprint images are kept or recorded. When a person uses the reader for access, again the reader will scan the fingerprint, collect the data and cross reference it with the stored templates.
1. Firstly, the ievo reader acquires the fingerprint image.
2. Each fingerprint contains unique reference points known as ‘minutiae’. The ievo reader can identify and acquire up to 100 reference points.
3. These reference points along with their relative positioning create a pattern which is as unique as the fingerprint image itself.
4. The pattern is then converted into a binary code via an algorithm. The binary code is encrypted and transferred onto the ievo board.


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