Lincoln Security Ltd. provide industrial engraving services to clients nationwide, where our skilled engravers are used to working to fine tolerances, such as those on control panels and mimic panels.
Lincoln Security Ltd.’s CAD software allows for screw holes and lights to be positioned precisely in order to fit specific applications.
Our recently updated engraving department uses the very latest engraving technology and equipment, including laser and rotary engraving machinery, which is capable of producing items as small as a key fob to full schematic drawings of a site detailing, specific locations and lock-off points.
 The engraving team at Lincoln Security Ltd. are able to engrave on a variety of items, such as keys, key tags, industrial circuit diagrams/schematics, interior and exterior signage, light switch cover plates etc. using a range of materials including plastic, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, wood and even leather. 
Brass-bodied padlocks can be engraved with multiple lines of text for identification purposes, using colour-coded padlocks if required. Steel and chrome-bodied padlocks can be laser-marked which is non-intrusive to the plated finish.
Matching key tags can also be provided as part of our engraving service, again in a variety of materials and dimensions.

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