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Staying Safe on Social Media

STAY SAFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA According to ADT a shocking 78% of burglars use social media platforms to find their targets.  Don’t become a statistic. Each day there are millions of people posting on social media about their whereabouts. Most people don’t think or don’t know who can access the information they share with the […]

What does ‘Secured by Design’ mean?

WHAT DOES SECURED BY DESIGN MEAN So you’re probably wondering “What does Secured by Design mean?” well… Secured by Design is a Police Approved accreditation which helps prevent crime for domestic and commercial use. This means that a specific product has met high standards which have passed a variety of tests and proven to decrease […]

Halloween Security

SECURITY IN THE SPOOKY SEASON With the clocks going back this week and Halloween being just around the corner, it’s important that you feel safe and secure in your home. Burglaries increase by 26% between Halloween and Bonfire Night. To help secure your home, here are a couple of tips from the team at Lincoln […]

The Power of a Masterkey

THE POWER OF A MASTER KEY A master key system is when one key can open a variety of different areas in a building, for example this could be used for a manager to have access to every single door or area of a site. In additional to this, a master key system can allow […]

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