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How to beat the burglar

HOW TO BEAT THE BURGLAR There are many ways to beat the burglar from entering your home…The most obvious thing to do is lock your windows and doors! You would think this is straight forward… however 23% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window. No matter how safe you think your […]

Introducing Accountability

Introducing Accountability   It’s easy to mistake security as just being a way to limit access for the protection of property, goods or people. But is that still the case? Of course those points will always be important central themes for security, yet with advances in technology a new criterion is starting to blossom more […]

Who has your keys?

WHO HAS YOUR KEYS? We’ve all done it. The dreaded day of moving right? With its ever growing to-do lists and things to organise. Contract signed?  Check Movers organised?  Check Utilities informed?   Check Locksmith booked? – …Ah… It’s such an easy thing to not consider or think about. After all, we’ve been handed the new door […]

The Importance of a Qualified Locksmith

THE IMPORTANCE OF A QUALIFIED LOCKSMITH Lincoln Security Ltd are proud members of the Master Locksmith Association, which means we are an approved locksmith company in the United Kingdom. To have this accreditation, it means that our work has been inspected and has met high standards set by the MLA. When our customers use us, […]

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