With the ever changing innovation in Access Control, nearly anything is possible. Lincoln Security have been trusted to install and maintain Access Control systems for over a decade. Our engineers are trained in installing a range of leading manufacturers including, Paxton, PAC and Salto among others.


Biometric Access Systems provide an advance level of security. As each fingerprint is unique to each individual, Biometric Access virtually eliminates any unauthorised access where the heaviest restriction is required.

Advance 21st Century Access Control


By embracing the latest innovations using 3G/4G connectivity, Access Control Systems can be designed to connect wirelessly through mobile devices giving you the power to grant access anywhere in the world and provide remote control.

Control Access Systems Remotely


Intercom Access Control Systems can allow for video and/or audio communication to be achieved before access is granted. This allows for users to confirm the identity of individuals before authorising remote unlocking of entry points.

For Video & Audio Communication


Whether it is a Proximity or Swipe Access Card System you are looking, both provide an affordable route to authorise quick Access Control for multiple users with their own access privileges. Systems can be set up quickly and are a great alternative to traditional lock & key set-ups. 

Proximity or Swipe Card Access Control


Key Fobs provide similar advantages as Proximity Card-based systems with the addition that they can easily be affixed to users keyrings or even come as wristbands. Available in a range of styles and colours, Keyfobs are designed to be a robust alternative to Proximity Cards.

The Robust Alternative to Cards


Pin Code Push Button systems are a convenient form of Access Control. Available in either electronic or mechanical form, Pin Codes are an effective way to manage Access Control whilst doing away with any key management system.

Pin Code Door Entry Locks & Keypads


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An unlimited range of solutions for controlling authorised access


Whether it's an individual Code Lock Handle or a Biometric Finger Scanner, Lincoln Security Ltd can provide any standalone system to provide access to individual entry points


Have you got multiple access points you want to control from one central point? We're able to provide a range of solutions to give you a fully networked system hosted locally or on the cloud


Lincoln Security Ltd are able to design systems that allow multiple sites, with no limitation of distance, to be able to be controlled from one central administrative point


We are able to response to both contracted and non-contracted repair, upgrade & maintenance with your Access Control System