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Every day, somewhere in the UK, a business falls victim to theft, vandalism, or worse. This makes commercial alarms systems an important part of your overall business security system. They deter criminals and with remote monitoring, provide a fast response in the event of a break-in.

At Lincoln Security, we use cutting-edge commercial alarm systems for businesses all over the UK. From small businesses to national companies.


Commercial Alarm Systems

Every commercial property, from retail shops and industrial units to building sites and farm yards have unique layouts and challenges.

Our security professionals will conduct a comprehensive security assessment of your business premises. Once we understand its vulnerabilities and your security needs, we will tailor your intruder alarm system to offer maximum protection whilst working to your budget.


Cutting Edge

Alarm Technology

Our range of business intruder alarms use the latest in security technology to not only help protect your business, but also meet your business insurance and legislation obligations.

We can install as many hi-tech sensors as you need, including hard-wired and wireless sensors to create a hybrid system.

Integrate your security alarm into an existing access control system or CCTV system which you can access remotely from your mobile device.

Our security alarm systems are also scalable. This means can upgrade your systems as your security needs change.


Alarm Monitoring

For the highest level of protection, and proper peace of mind, we offer a 24/7 alarm monitoring service.

By using detection and timing software, our alarm receiving centre we be notified of any suspicious activity during specified time frames. If we detect an intrusion, we can issue a:

  • Key Holder Response – Our monitoring station will contact a nominated keyholder. They will attend the premises to check for signs of a break in.
  • Police Response – Our monitoring station will contact the keyholder and then the Police, requesting attendance to your commercial premises. 



Alarm Systems Takeover

As well as installing, maintaining, and servicing Intruder Alarm systems, our team can also take over existing systems.

This means you can switch over to us without having to buy an entire alarm system.


Alarm Servicing & Maintenance

Without routine servicing and maintenance, your alarm system is more likely to develop faults. In the worst case, it could fail completely and might not know until you you arrive at your premises.

To guarantee your alarms continue to work perfectly, we offer regular servicing and maintenance packages. Our alarms installers will service you cameras, provide software upgrades and hardware repairs if and when needed.

Intruder Alarms

For All Business Types

  • Retail Security Alarms

Our intruder detection systems are scalable. From small retail stores to supermarkets we can keep your business safe, no matter how big or small it is.


  • Industrial & Factories

Factories and industrial units often contain lots of of valuable machinery, tools, materials, and equipment. Our security solutions protect your valuable assets.


  • Office Alarm Systems

Offices often contain expensive equipment and technology that might be left over the weekends and holidays. A monitored intruder alarm can protect your computer equipment, fax machines and office equipment.


  • Hospitality & Leisure

We can design alarms for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry. From small, intimate spaces, to larger venues and leisure centres.


  • Utility & Substations

Utility plants and substations are dangerous places. Installing alarm systems to protect infrastructure and act as a deterrent to criminal activity is vitally important.


Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide Out of Hours Assistance?

We offer a 24/7 remote monitoring package. If your alarm is triggered, we can contact a nominated keyholder or the police.

What Are Your Response Times in the Event of a Breach?

Our monitoring station keeps an eye on your premises 24 hours a day. If a breach occurs, we will respond immediately with a pre-defined protocol. We will agree what this protocol should be when you sign up to our monitoring service. This way, we can act as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are Business Alarms a Legal Requirement?

Security alarms aren’t a legal requirement. However, business insurance providers are unlikely to cover a business or commercial site without some kind of alarm system in place.