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Lincoln University Students Union

Lincoln Security’s Master Key Suite has been keeping Lincoln Universities Students Union offices locked up safe and sound for over 9 years.

At this point you may be wondering, what exactly is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a set of hierarchical keys and locks that allow access based on permission levels.

The diagram illustrates a typical master key structure, with the level of key access dictated by seniority of position in the organisation as well as by access requirements. The simplest way to explain it is the Grand Master opens all locks in the system and subsequent lower levels having differing permissions.

The system installed for the Students Union is built in house by Lincoln Security’s master key technicians and utilises an ABUS key profile. The system encompasses the Main SU building which contains The Engine Shed and upstairs offices aswell as the on-campus pub The Swan.

The previous system, installed in 2019 included all the exterior doors to the venues but none of the internals and was split across 4 submasters.

The Students Union contacted Lincoln Security to add additional internal doors onto the existing system in order to facilitate ease of access for staff moving through the premises.

Our surveyor, David Rawlinson visited site to measure the internal doors lock cases so they could be replaced with master keyed cylinders.

To expand the system, two additional submasters were added, taking the total to 6, with a total of 50 differs under each giving a grand total of 300 sub differs. The additional 56 door locks were hand pinned by our in-house master key technicians whilst the 85 keys were machine cut. All of the new locks were installed by our experienced locksmithing Engineers over the course of a day.

David Rawlinson, Lincoln Security’s Security Surveyor said

“Expanding the university’s Master Key suite helps to facilitate movement for staff between the various SU buildings whilst keeping the buildings secure. The ABUS suite installed offers incredible protection from forced entry whilst being versatile enough to be extended and augmented when required”

Fran Farrell, from Lincoln Students Union said;

‘You can never be too careful with security, it’s critical all our venues are secure.  Lincoln Security are great there is no query to big or small, they are always happy to provide a high-quality service and or advice.’