Electronic Key Control Systems

Increasing Security through Auditability and Traceability

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Electronic Key Control Systems

Electronic Key Control Systems are designed to offer a greater degree of flexibility and accountability not otherwise possible with any traditional mechanical locks and keys.

Utilising the latest advances in modern access control and monitoring programs to provide a comprehensive security solution that is easy to administrate.

Key Systems Available
  • Abloy Cliq
  • Protec 2
  • eLOQ
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eLOQ is an intelligent access control system which has been designed to offer not only high security, but also a greater degree of flexibility and auditability, not otherwise possible with traditional access solutions.

It’s incredibly easy and simple to retrofit the secure eLOQ into any existing lock & key access control system.

The innovative wireless solution means you can install eLOQ anywhere you currently use a lock and key; from doors and windows, to operation access panels and padlocks located in remote areas.

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eCLIQ is Abloy’s latest completely electronic cylinder platform. A system of programmable keys and compact, secure locking cylinders, offering you security and flexibility.

eCLIQ is designed to replace traditional master key systems in institutional organisations such as accommodation, universities, schools and hospital estates.

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Protec 2

PROTEC2 CLIQ is designed for high level security across all commercial buildings and industrial environments including critical infrastructure such as:

  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing

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