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The Engine Shed – CCTV

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Engine Shed

Lincoln Students Union, owner of ‘The Engine Shed’ and ‘Tower Bar’, Lincolns largest gig venue and student bar contacted Lincoln Security in order to provide an integrated network of CCTV cameras that provide a live feed to a centralised control room.

Camera Specifications

  • Ultra Low light Turret Cameras
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Linked back to centralised control room

Positioned at various locations around Engine Shed and Tower Bar, the cameras are Hikvision Ultra-low light Turret cameras that provide 1080p video feed for staff to monitor. The integrated system allows an Engine shed team member to alert door staff to any potential incidents as they begin to unfold.

In total 64 cameras were installed at various points around the connecting venues, most are so discretely placed that you wouldn’t notice they were even there. The installation took over the student break where Lincoln Security’s Engineers full access to the venue and minimise disruption to the venue.

Richard Goodall, Lincoln Security’s Electronic Security Systems Manager said

“We were proud to be selected by the Students Union to carry out the work as we love supporting local businesses and the community.

We tailor made the system after several meetings and demonstrations with various departments on how the system will operate and conform to their own security requirements.

The install took place over 5 weeks and we were very pleased with the high quality work carried out by our trained engineers”.

David Andrews, University of Lincoln Students’ Union Head of Commercial Operations said;

“We are really happy with the quality of the system and the service provided by Lincoln Security. The system is easy to use and can be accessed remotely by our management team.

The image quality is superb and has helped us to easily identify incidents when they occur. This was a worthwhile investment, which improves the safety and security of our students and the general public that use the venue.”