5th Feb 2022

Firearm Security & You

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Firearm Security & You

Gun Ownership can be a minefield and taking proper care with the security of your firearms is of paramount importance to ensuring your firearms license is valid. As of Autumn 2020 Lincolnshire Police contacted all Firearms Licence Holders to advise about an increase in burglaries where Gun Cabinets have been targeted.

In this article, we take a look at the most important aspects of securing your firearm and property with the help of Lincolnshire Police & The Home Office.


Eight main factors affect the security required for your firearms and property, and Firearms officers will consider all of these when making an assessment. These factors range from whether your property is located in a high crime area, repeat victimisation, number of firearms being held, or the firearms’ attractiveness. Based on an individual assessment, Lincolnshire Police will then assign you a Leve of Security rating from 1-3. This dictates the level of security required for both your home and firearms.

To help you understand what is required for each level, we have established a guide to the various forms of security and how easy they are to implement.

Firearm Security

Securing your Firearms

Gun Cabinets – Level 1

The most popular and easiest way to secure your firearms is with a gun cabinet.

Guidance on the Government website states it is recommended that a cabinet should have the following features:

  • It should be made from sheet steel at least 14 swg (standard wire gauge) (2 mm) thick. All seams should be continuously welded, or the cabinet body formed by bend construction.
  • All hinges should be on the inside of the cabinet, but if they are external or exposed, then hinge bolts, blocks or anti-lever bars should be provided.
  • Lock mechanisms should be on the inside of the cabinet. The lock should contain at least 5 levers to BS 3621 standard or equivalent. Alternatively, good quality hardened padlocks and staples should be fitted to the cabinet.
  • Full-length side hinged cabinets should have two locks at points one third and two-thirds the height of the cabinet.
  • The cabinet may contain, or have attached, a separate lockable container to store ammunition

It is also essential to keep all cabinet keys (and spare keys) secure and safe. Police have had instances where keys were labelled ‘Spare Gun Cabinet Keys’ or attached to bunches of house and car keys. It is advisable to keep your gun cabinet keys within a locked safe or hidden in your premises.

Firearm Security

Securing your Property

Alarm Systems – Level 2 & 3

It’s not only the firearms themselves that should be secured, The Home Office & Lincolnshire police also advise that if you are keeping more than five firearms on your property, your property should be fitted with an alarm system.

Depending on your security rating, different devices can be utilised to meet the requirements. For example, a home with a level 2 security rating can fit smart devices, such as a doorbell camera, to all entry doors. The devices must “be capable of immediately notifying you (or other designated appropriate person) should an intruder gain entry or access to your property where firearms are stored.”

With a level 3 security rating, Lincolnshire Police advise that the whole property should be covered by an alarm system “to standard BS4737 3.30:2015 (EN50131) or equivalent and monitored by an NSI monitoring centre with an appropriate response.”

The system must have an audible alarm and be linked to the homeowners’ smartphone to alert them to any possible break-ins. Lincoln Security specialises in the supply & installation of bespoke alarm systems. For a free survey and quotation or to take a look at what our CCTV systems can offer click here

Secure Locks – Level 2

Did you know that approximately 70% of burglars gain entry to a property through a front or rear door, and utilising a technique commonly known as ‘Lock Snapping’ they can gain entry to your property in under a minute. The Home Office recommends that for Level 2 security, exit doors are fitted with locks to BS3621.

The best way to adhere to this requirement is to replace your exterior door locks with an ABS Anti Snap cylinder. The ABS snap secure technology totally blocks access to the door bolt mechanism inside the lock case to effectively combat a snap attack. These cylinders can be easily and quickly fitted into your uPVC door. You can order these from the Lincoln Security trade counter for just £40. Installation is a cinch for any DIYer or, if you’d prefer, we can offer installation.

You can buy an ABS Anti Snap cylinder from our online shop by clicking here, just remember to measure your current lock first. Download our handy free guide by clicking here.

Jason Healy, Lincoln Security’s Commercial Director, said:

Lincoln Security have a long history helping gun owners to secure their firearms in order to comply with Police and Home Office requirements. We recognise the importance of gun safety whilst also maintaining accessibility and ease of access at all times. Lincoln Security offers a bespoke range of products to suit all firearms owners needs and can also offer an installation service for added peace of mind.”

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