Solar Powered CCTV

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Solar Powered Standalone Security Camera

Our solar powered CCTV offers surveillance camera systems that are powered by solar panels, rather than relying on traditional electrical power sources. The solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, which is then stored in batteries for use during periods without sunlight, such as at night.

The panels can continuously operate for up to 7 days without direct sunlight and connect wirelessly to the internet (supporting GS, WCDMA, 4 GLTE). They’ve been design to withstand winds of over 74mph, and temperature as low as -20C making them a perfect solution for rural and off-site locations.

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Usage for Solar Panelled CCTV

It has traditionally been very difficult to provide security protection at remote or off-grid locations, such as construction sites, and outdoor areas, where access to reliable power sources and Ethernet may be challenging but continuous surveillance is necessary. Because solar panelled CCTV reduces the need for complex wiring and dependence on the electrical grid, it makes it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for these particular cases.

Lincoln Security have already been deploying these solar camera across the country, keeping farming equipment safe and intruders away from wind turbines.

Perfect for
  • Agricultural farms
  • Construction sites
  • Rural roadways
  • Wind farms
  • Open air festivals