Bespoke Security Doors Protect Staff

When Rampton Secure Hospital needed to introduce a new security system to ensure the safety of their staff, Lincoln Security was called in to help.
The hospital approached the security specialists to develop a bespoke system that would allow their staff to electronically unlock seclusion room doors remotely. This enabled patients to access the bathroom or gardens without staff having to open a patient’s door manually.
All materials and fittings used had to be anti-ligature products and needed to comply with stringent Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations.
“This was a particularly complex project as we had to develop a completely new system from scratch”, said Lincoln Security Director Rick Farrar. “The first few prototypes we produced had a number of faults that we had to overcome and devising a system that would work with the existing doors and framework was quite a challenge.”
The finished product proved so successful at Rampton that a number of other NHS hospitals that provide mental health services asked Lincoln Security to develop similar door systems at their sites.
Rick said:
“West Lane and St Luke’s in Middlesbrough heard about the work we had done at Rampton and asked us to produce something for them. In addition to the control system at West Lane we also developed and installed bespoke hardwood timber doors and frames for their specialist unit for children and adolescents, a process that we are looking to apply to all installations of this nature in the future."

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