Who has your keys?


We’ve all done it. The dreaded day of moving right? With its ever growing to-do lists and things to organise.

Contract signed?  Check
Movers organised?  Check
Utilities informed?   Check
Locksmith booked? - …Ah…
It’s such an easy thing to not consider or think about. After all, we’ve been handed the new door keys to our exciting and shiny new abode. You’re holding the only set in the world surely! Who else could possibly have them?
Well it turns out that those new door  keys might not be so new after all. It’s easy for a good quality door lock to last 20, 30 years so it’s likely that it’s never been replaced.
So what does this mean? It could mean that all manner of sorts of people could have a copy of your new door keys – trades people, the former occupants’ family & friends, possibly even jilted lovers!
Research has shown a massive 58% never consider changing our door locks after we’ve purchased & moved into our new homes despite being such a simple action to undertake. The lettings industry is even more staggering with 90% of landlords indicating they never change the door locks after a tenants moved out.
The benefits are more than just peace of mind too – it’s possible that it could affect any home insurance claims you might have to make. Confused.com highlights that if you have items stolen, your insurer will normally need to see evidence of forced entry before paying out on a burglary claim. Changing your door locks when you move is the easiest way to prove that no third party has access to your property.
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