What does ‘Secured by Design’ mean?


So you’re probably wondering “What does Secured by Design mean?” well… Secured by Design is a Police Approved accreditation which helps prevent crime for domestic and commercial use. This means that a specific product has met high standards which have passed a variety of tests and proven to decrease crime rates.
To ensure compliance, Secured by Design products are tested against technical standards of security and are re-certified every year to prove they really do work!
Here at Lincoln Security Ltd., we supply a variety of Secured by Design products that help keep our customers safe and secure.
Our top 2 selling Secured by Design products are;
Research has shown that by using Secured by Design products in your home or business, you are up to a 75% less likely to be burgled and can see as much as a 25% reduction in criminal damage.

To see if your security products are Secured by Design, look out for the official logo on the products, or visit the Secured by Design website.


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