Unlocking the Strange & Unusual

Lincoln Security would like to present our latest series of articles ‘Unlocking the Strange & Unusual’.

Facilitated by our wonderful Trade Counter Team, the series will focus on out of the ordinary items that we receive from members of the public. These range from safes from the Victorian period to old locks taken from Churches. Our trade counter team have the enviable task of picking the locks and then hand making a new key.  

Our first feature of the series was brought in to our Trade Counter in September 2019 and is an old telephone (minus the receiver) or so we were informed. Confused as to the lack of a dial? We definitely were. According to the customer, people wanting to make a call would put their coins into the machine and press A to be connected to an operator, once the call was finished, they would press B to receive any returned coins.

Rhyn, our Trade Counter Assistant and Bench Locksmith who worked on picking the lock and making a new key said –

It was a great challenge for me, I really enjoyed gaining entry and making a key to suit. We do often get parts in which are unique so it’s a good feeling when we can help the customer out. It’s nice to have a go at something out the norm, that’s why I enjoy doing this!

If you have any unusual or out of the ordinary items that you cant get in to please bring them along to our trade counter for our mean to take a look. Or email shop@lincolnsecurity.co.uk

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